22 January 2010

Mouse Hunt

It all started when I pretended the squeaking in our understairs cupboard was a mouse. It's actually the gas meter clock thing turning around. It all went a bit quiet so I knew something was going down. Just look what I found garnishing my recycling inside the cupboard (still dressed as Superman you'll note).

20 January 2010

Hamster Sandwiches Please Mum....

Thought I would try and start uploading my photos more regularly to make up for the fact I haven't been writing!  The photography course I'm doing is taking up a lot of time but, as a picture paints a thousand words, I'm hoping they might compensate (for the time being) for the lack of wordage!

This is what happened when Chickie said he'd like Hamster sandwiches for lunch!

P.S. For those of you who like photography, check out this link to a new site I like called 'Beyond Snapshots' ...